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Camping Hacks: How To Start A Fire (Without Matches)

by admin January 12, 2017 0 comments

Camping Hacks: How To Start A Fire (Without Matches)

If you are a newbie in camping or hiking, it is best to create a list of camping gear or stuff to bring. For sure, you do not want to forget anything that will keep you from surviving. But if you have been doing it for a long time, then probably you know the drill by heart, or there is already a very reliable list saved n your mind. Either way, let us help you with that. Here is a checklist of the camping and hiking gears, camping or outdoor equipment, camping supplies, camping hacks and accessories you need to pack:

  • Camping or Cabin Tents

If you are camping or backpacking, it means that you may be in need of a 2-person tent, family tents, large tents or 4-season tent. You do not want to just get cheap tents; you do not save any dollar by getting cheap ones. Invest in getting the best tents.  Coleman Tents are a must-get because they are durable and last long. It is also a good idea to check a tent sale. You never know, but that camping tents for sale you have spotted when you drove by a street will let you take home one of the best camping tents you can ever purchase. Other tents for camping are the outdoor tent and the dome tent.

 Sleeping bag, Camping mat or bed

Whether you have a 2-man tent or a large camping tent and you got lucky with the tents on sale you were scouring , the quality of your sleeping bag is what matters when it comes to laying your back to sleep after long hours of hike,. Make sure to pack the best sleeping bag such as the Coleman Sleeping Bag.

 Camping Chairs, Stove, and Cot

Get the best camping chair such as the Coleman Camping Chair. Do not overlook bringing the most comfortable chair to sit on during your camping trip.

  • Camping Heater
  • Camping Backpack
  • Outdoor Clothing or Hiking Clothes
  • Camping Lights
  • Camping Table
  • Camping Lantern
  • Camping Cookware, cooking gear or even a camping oven
  • Camping Grill
  • Camping Kitchen
  • Camping Table
  • Camping Toilet
  • Camping Shower
  • Matches or Lighters


You have to make sure that you check out the best outdoor sports store in your area to get the best deals for outdoor, backpacking, climbing and mountain gears.

But let us say you have surveyed your area for the best hunting and camping stores for cool camping, mountain climbing, and outdoor survival gears; now it is time for camp cooking. Unfortunately, your Propane camp stove is not working. I should say get a Coleman camp stove instead. But you are already out there, you have checked out the best camping store – even the leading outfitters for the love of this outdoor sport. You even made sure you brought a lightweight backpacking tent. And you even wrote at the top of your checklist “No to cheap camping gear.” You made sure that was the case.

But things went sour, the matches were wet, and there were no lighters. So how can you start a fire without matches? What is camping without campfires?

You have got to learn how to use what is readily available. Learn the bow and drill method. Basically, it is creating a spark of fire through friction. Find good pieces of wood, spin one piece to the other good piece, then find a small coal to be blown in flames. However, this will take time and effort.

In this regard, make sure to pack a magnifying glass, as it will come handy in cases of emergencies such as this. However, you forgot it, too. Thankfully, you have a bottle of water and a pair of eyeglasses. These can serve as a magnifying glass. If your bottle does not have water, fill it. Make sure it will be transparent, too. Like a science experiment, place a piece of paper under it and look for a ray of sunlight. Find that angle where the sunlight hits your bottle with a paper under it.  A smoke will tell you that a flame is about to materialize.

Another item to check is your battery. This method is the quickest and the most effective. You also need a steel wool or a gum wrapper. You have to rub the battery terminals to the steel wool to create a flame. Make sure that the gum wrapper touches both of the battery terminals. It’s that easy!

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